African Slavery and the Mayflower Story

Mayflower Myths

The Mayflower Story

A full historical account needed, not political propaganda


African Slavery should be part of the Mayflower Story. New England was built on slavery through its trade with the Caribbean.

The ‘Mayflower Story’ should include both the histories of the Indigenous Nations of North America and African Slavery.  However, while the Mayflower 400 commemorations’ education materials mentions some Indigenous American history, albeit sanitised, African Slavery has so far been omitted.

The Mayflower colonists’ journey in 1620 has been remembered over four centuries while most others have been forgotten because it was the founding of New England. The thirteen states that formed the original USA grew out of the New England states. However, though the Mayflower passengers formed the colony that established the beginning of the New England colonies, it did so because it failed to reach its intended destination and become part of the Virginia colony. By…

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